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So… What Does “Advocacy Via Art” Really Mean?

This was a very important question that we asked ourselves during our month-long hiatus as a company. What does Advocacy Via Art really mean? Hopefully this video answers that question somewhat. To be honest, we’re still growing and learning each and every day. It’s a fun and nerve-wracking experience. We just know there are injustices […]

I Withdrew From A Panel With Suey Park.

Let me first begin this by laying down some facts: I am a twenty three year old Asian American womxn. I am the daughter of Cambodian refugees and they have pushed me to grow as an activist and feminist. I discovered the saliency of my identities as an Asian American activist/feminist when I reached college […]

The 5 Things Every Gentleman Knows and Why

For our latest film project, I’ve gotten to know this wonderful entrepreneur in Denver named David Mérida. He is a baker with an amazing heart and beautiful ambitions. We were eating dinner one day after filming and the topic of relationships came-up. Valentine’s Day is approaching so I asked David if he had any advise […]

Embrace Your Stretch Marks

I was never pretty, just smart; never charming, just nice; never voluptuous, just skinny.  I grew up with an older cousin who was always hotter and got all the boy friends.  (By the way, we were in elementary school. How the f does an elementary kid know what a “relationship” means?!) I was the nerd […]

What Do Justin Bieber and Richard Sherman Have in Common?

There are probably some things, but both are thinking the same thing right now… “I can’t believe this sh*t is on the Internet.” Neither one of them particularly cares for all the media attention they’ve received in the past week. Actually, the term “attention” probably doesn’t do justice to the situation. Both have received thousands […]

Kindness for Weakness

Just recently, a good friend of mine asked me if he could ask me a personal question. Casually, I responded that of course he could, but I would have never expected the question that came next. “What happened to your dad?” Immediately my heart began to stumble upon itself. Should I respond with something sugarcoated […]

Butt Prints in the Sands of Time

When I was in fifth grade, I loved liked this girl named Victoria. Victoria was an angel. Ever since she let me cut in front of her on Taco Tuesday, she had my heart in the palm of her hands. She was everything I could have possibly wanted–she knew her long divisions, she always smelled […]

The Salutation on My Suicide Note

Late on April 11th of this year, I returned to my apartment after arguably one of the biggest successes of my college career with the resolute intention of ending my life. Sort of odd, right? Not the sort of celebration one would expect as a victory lap. And yet there I was, crying as I […]

12 Things We Loved about #avalove Week

Hey advocates, Thanks so much for your participation over the last few days. Your support during a Week of Ava Love meant so much to all of us! Over the course of five days, more than 200 people shared over 500 stories. Some of these stories were of triumph and perseverance in times of loss […]

Advocacy Via Art

I’m a numbers guy. I like analyzing problems through the data and the figures. So when I was asked to join Project Ava, I was skeptical. I’m not really an artsy guy; I’m not really that creative. I’m certainly no videographer, even after more than a year of doing this. To be frank, when we […]

The Project Ava Story

At Project Ava, we consider ourselves storytellers; yet writing this particular story is weird for me. It’s weird because just a year and a half ago, Project Ava didn’t exist. The dream that I’m chasing now was exactly that, a dream, and now I’m sharing with you our real story. People ask us all the […]